About Me

Abolfazl Bayat

Visual Artist, Illustrator, Traditional Artist
Filmmaker, Animator, Game Designer and NFT Artist.

Born in 1986 in Tehran, Iran
Immigrated to Canada in 2018

Started professional activity at the age of 17 as a stage design assistant. In the children’s TV series Amin and Mina 1, directed by Karim Sarbakhsh in 2002.

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Education :

  • Diploma in Visual Arts.
  • M.Sc. Diploma in Animation Filmmaking.
  • Bachelor of Film Production. Cinema Directing.

Teaching Experience : 

  • Animation character design and animation from 2003 to 2017 In the young cultural center of Tehran.
  • Tehran Animation House.
  • Tehran Children Intellectual Development Center (Abdollah Alimorad Animation Workshop studio).
  • Bayat Brothers Cultural and Artistic Institute. (2008_2017)

Directing Experience

  • Independent Short animations,
    Directing documentaries and TV Series Animations, Films, and teasers.
    (2009 to 2018).

Production Experience

  • Storyboard, Character Design, and Concept Environment Design
  • Character Animate and Sandpainting for TV series Animation projects
  • Short animations, and Mobile game projects. Since (2006.2018).


Member of the board of directors of Bayat Brothers Cultural Institute
Since (2007 to 2018).